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Paraprofessional Support - Margaret Panik

Paraprofessional Support

Margaret Panik, FCFT Paraprofessional Department Director.

She is YOUR specialist within FCFT.

Classroom Assistants:

We Value You!

At Fairfax County Federation of Teachers (FCFT) we believe all Classroom Assistants are vital to the success of both the students and teachers.  You have a wealth of knowledge and insight. 

You are important.  You matter to us.

These aren’t just words.  We mean it.  


You can trust us to help answer questions, to listen to your concerns,

and to help you with any work related matters.  

When you are a member of FCFT, you are more than just a supporter of your local chapter.  You are a partner in the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as well as an associate in the powerful AFL-CIO.

Locally, the FCFT is THE largest AFL-CIO affiliate!

No other local organization can offer you this benefit!


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Recently, Margaret was interviewed on Working Family Talk Radio , concerning her advocacy and representation of our Paraprofessionals. 

Use the link below to listen to her comments (at 1:33:00)

Labor Union Women, Jobs with Justice, Teachers and Miners

Today, on The Union Edge, Labor's Talk Radio.
Margaret Panik of the Fairfax Coun
ty Federation of Teachers.