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FCFT 's COPE Fund / Political Action

   Contributions Pooled for Education (COPE)


In an attempt to provide members with a more efficient and interactive process, FCFT will solicit member candidate preferences through a variety of means. These may include balloting, web-based voting, interactive member meetings with candidates, and as well as other formats.

Regardless of the format used, FCFT members are assured to always be given adequate advanced notification of the process being utilized and associated timelines, and all members will be given the opportunity to vote for the candidate(s) of their choice. 


Visit the AFT Legislative Action Center

Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Click here to visit the AFT's Legislative Action Center.

BlueGreen Alliance: Protect the Environment and Create Economic Growth!

Today, the BlueGreen Alliance unites 12 of our country’s largest unions and environmental organizations. Acting together, through 14 million members and supporters, we are a powerful voice for building a cleaner, fairer and more competitive American economy.

The BlueGreen Alliance advocates the growth in the number and quality of jobs in the clean economy by expanding a broad range of industries, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, the substitution of safer, cleaner chemicals, modern transportation systems and advanced vehicle technology, domestic manufacturing, high-speed Internet and a smart, efficient electrical grid, green schools and other public buildings, improving our nation’s water infrastructure, recycling, and sustainable agriculture.



FCFT Supports the Campaign for a Living Wage

Congratulations to Fairfax County Campaign for a Living Wage Co-Chairs Barry Weinstein and Margaret Panik, who have recently successfully moved the FCPS School Board to adopt supportive policies in relation to the Living Wage. Both have spoken to the FCPS School Board on multiple occasions on behalf of the FCFT Membership.  Enclosed are some of their comments concerning the Living Wage.